In March 2021 Lucy, contacted me for a brand photoshoot, she mentions that she just has started her business as a Holistic Wellness interior designer, so basically I was really surprise about the Holistic part, I’ve never heard about it.

Lucy with her sweet voice explains to me that her design approach isn’t just about creating pretty spaces. It is so much more than that. It is about designing the home to support the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the homeowner so that they can live a more balanced and peaceful life in order to focus on themselves, achieve their dreams, and spend more time on the things and people that matter most in their life.

I immediately fall in love with the concept.



During the pandemic Lucy, mother of two, was dealing with mental and physical challenges which was a difficult time for her. She knew that she needed to find happiness so that she could be a good mother and wife so she decided one day to redesign and make positive shifts in her home in order to start making herself feel better.

“My own transformation inspired me to combine my interest for health and wellness with my passion and background in interior design so that I could help women who are dealing with the same struggles. To help them feel at peace in their home so that they can start focusing on becoming a better version of themselves, both in business and their personal life.” .- Lucy said

Her main goal is help busy women achieve complete peace at home and in their life. When life gets hectic and there is a need to book a getaway to escape the stress, it’s not always possible to do so. That is why she want them to be able to come home, unwind and be able to wash everyday stress away every single day so that they can experience an improved quality of life.

“As a creative entrepreneur, I am always inspired by my surroundings. I can see inspiration in anything that comes my way, but lately I am finding that I am always inspired by the beauty of nature. We as humans want to feel connected with nature because it makes us feel good. So by bringing nature indoors, one can achieve that same wonderful feeling of being out in nature, when going outside isn’t always possible.”

The Biggest Dream…

“My dream is to design beautiful spaces, see my vision come to life and to be able to experience the client’s happiness because of what I created for them. It makes me happy to see someone be happy because of what I helped with and that is my dream. To continue helping people to achieve happiness.”

What was it like to work with Sabrina (LADYBRANDBOSS)

Sabrina was a dream to work with! I am uncomfortable and awkward behind the camera and she helped me feel more comfortable and confident

For me was a honor to work with such amazing, talented and sweet Lady Boss, I can’t wait for our next photo session.

Thank you so much for chossing me as your Brand Photographer.

You can find Lucy at:

Instagram: @lucydeeinteriors

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