Are you preparing for a Personal Branding Photography session? The result is that you want captivating photos that effectively share the story of your brand, right? But each component of your photography session has a vital part to play- setting, clothing, lighting, products, and props! By using some of these prop ideas for your personal brand photoshoot, you’ll be inspired to add some personal flair and wow your audience with images that tell your brand’s unique story. 

Once you learn how to use various props, you can

  • Connect with your ideal client
  • Tell your brand’s story
  • Share your personality
  • Update clients on upcoming events and milestones
  • …and ultimately, gain new clients! 


I’ve created a list of over 60 + prop ideas for your personal brand photoshoot. 


How Do You Use These Creative Prop ideas?

First, you want to think about which aspects of you, your work, your business, and your story that you want to share. Next, you might consider the type of content you share in email, on your website, and via your social media channels. Finally, keep your brand theme and colors in mind, so you can use the props to tie various elements together in your photos. 


Below, you’ll find the creative prop ideas are divided into different categories. Some props may be listed in more than one category because they can communicate various components of your brand.


Don’t be afraid to choose props that may seem a little out of the ordinary – this is where you get to let your creativity (and your personality) shine!

Share Your Daily + Self Care Routines.

Think about parts of your day that you might want to share with your audience: How do you spend your mornings? What are your unique self-care routines? Do you like to go for an early morning jog or bike ride? Do you read or journal with a candle or incense? Do you practice yoga or a mental health care ritual? By giving people an intimate glance into your day, they begin to connect with you, which is an excellent first step.



  • Bible 
  • Bicycle 
  • Blanket 
  • Candles 
  • Cup of coffee or tea
  • Dumbbells/hand weights 
  • Earbuds/earphones 
  • Essential oils
  • Exercise ball 
  • Exercise bands 
  • Insense
  • Journal 
  • Lipstick/lip gloss
  • Makeup brushes 
  • Prayer beads 
  • Yoga mat

Share a Day in Your Office.

What does a day in your office look like? Besides showing off your office or your day-to-day setting, let’s also show off the tools of your trade. If you have any product or marketing material specific to your brand, this is the time to share it. 


  • Badge/Nametag 
  • Business cards 
  • Camera 
  • Keys 
  • Laptop 
  • Marketing materials 
  • Measuring tape 
  • Microphone
  • Notepad 
  • Office supplies 
  • Pens 
  • Phone 
  • Planner 
  • Post-it notes 
  • Product you sell 
  • Ruler 
  • Sold Sign 

Share Your Favorite Activities + Hobbies + Books.

How do you feel when you find out that someone has the same favorite book as you or the same random hobby as you? It helps you feel connected to that person. That’s what you want to do here- connect with your audience by sharing your personality. What do you like to do or read in your spare time? From crafting to collecting-  there’s a prop that can help share it. 


Also, think about sharing how you’re growing your knowledge and/or passing your time by sharing what you’re reading. Book recommendations always make for a great social media post.

  • Books 
  • Books – work-related 
  • Books for pleasure 
  • Crafting supplies 
  • Gaming controls
  • Kindle
  • Magazines 
  • Movie DVD cases
  • Musical instrument you play 
  • Paintbrushes & paint 
  • Pottery 
  • Shopping bags 
  • Something you collect 
  • Spools of thread 
  • Sports equipment you use 
  • Speakers 
  • Stationary in your brand colors
  • Tablet 

Share Your Calendar.

Do you have a special event or a holiday coming up? Maybe you’ll want to share specific posts on social media around a work-related conference, a vacation, a birthday, appearances, or events. 

  • A piece of holiday décor 
  • Balloons 
  • Birthday cake/cupcake w/ candles Streamers 
  • Calendar 
  • Christmas ornaments 
  • Day planner 
  • Gift bag 
  • Globe 
  • Map 
  • Party favors 
  • Party hat 
  • Passport 
  • Suitcase 

Ready to test some of these prop ideas for your personal brand photoshoot?


Let your potential clients see you, get to know you, learn to trust you, and build a relationship with you and your brand. 

I’d love the opportunity to chat with you and see how I can support your next level in your business with personal branding photography.

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