B-Roll Videos

I am excited to unveil a new offering that will add depth and dimension to your
brand photography experience: Custom B-Roll.

But what exactly is Custom B-Roll, and how can it benefit your business?

Custom B-Roll is meticulously crafted video footage up to 15 seconds that complements your brand photography, capturing dynamic moments, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and subtle details that bring your brand story to life in motion.

Just as each photograph tells a story, Custom B-Roll enhances that narrative by providing a visual tapestry that engages and captivates your audience.

Moreover, the Custom B-Roll videos can be utilized to create captivating reels, engaging infographics, and eye-catching Instagram posts, amplifying your brand’s presence across various platforms and formats.

To make this exciting new service accessible to all my clients, I am pleased to offer Custom B-Roll as an add-on to any of my Brand Photography packages

Why Are You Here?

You may have realized that cell phone pictures aren’t cutting it anymore. You’re ready to take your business to the next phase, but you don’t have time to learn all the product photography ins-and-outs. You’re looking for a professional brand photographer with sharp skills and a touch of magic. I believe you’ve come to the right place.

How Can I Help?

I’ve helped many entrepreneurs take their business to the next level while putting their products in the spotlight where they belong. Now I’d love to work with you too.

How To Use Your Images?

Your images can be used in as many ways as you like!


Social Media Channels

Landing Pages

Marketing Materials


Online Courses and Workbooks


Have another idea? You can use them for that too.

How Does It Work?


First, we’ll set up a virtual meeting to chat about your vision for your business, goals, and how we can work together to bring your product presentation to life. Your products represent you and your brand, so of course, they have to look fabulous. 


We’ll make sure your products are pristine and clean, and we’ll set them up beautifully with just the right lighting and background. We can even use different props and set-ups consistent with your brand that make your products pop. 


We’ll then shoot the products based on the style and aesthetic we identified in our planning stages. We’ll capture the essence and feel of your products, so they look as beautiful as the one who created them (yes, I’m talking about you!). I use my professional camera, and I take several photos from different angles and positions. Want to show your products in use? We can do that as well. 


I’ll then present the images to you in a Proof Gallery with a secured password so that you can choose from your favorites. From here, you’ll select the number of images in your package,  so I can edit and retouch as needed.  


Now the post-production work begins. Your products have personality, and I’ll make sure they pop. I’ll make adjustments to the brightness, contrast, shadows, and exposure where needed, and I’ll make sure the colors are vivid and bright. 


Once the images are ready, I’ll send them to you in a Digital Gallery for you to “oooh” and “aww” over. Doesn’t it feel good to see your vision brought to life?  Now you’re free to share them on all of your marketing materials, social media pages, website, and store. 

Ready to take the next step?
Send me an email, and we can chat about your products and your vision for your business over a cup of coffee or tea.


One-Hour Session

Includes up to 3 Custom B-Roll videos for: $120

Two-hour Session

Includes up to 6 Custom B-Roll videos for: $200

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